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Our Magical Curriculum


The Magical Years Early Learning Center Inc., uses the Frog Street Curriculum as its main learning tool. This comprehensive curriculum is the perfect fit for every age and stage.

Frog Street is a high quality, researched based curriculum organized into ten skill domains that support integration of curriculum and builds connections between and among all disciplines. The Frog Street curriculum also integrates “Conscious Discipline” strategies to support social and emotional intelligence which in turn supports the cognitive performance of children. 

Frog Street’s early childhood programs are built on four key cornerstones:

  • Early Brain Development Research
  • Developmental Learning Domains
  • Intentional Instruction
  • Social and Emotional Development Emphasis
  • Early Brain Development Research
  • Developmental Learning Domains
  • Intentional Instruction
  • Social and Emotional Development Emphasis
In addition, Frog Street focuses on the following learning domains:

Language Development

  • Language-rich environment
  • Opportunities to sing, read, and talk
  • Skill development in phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, print awareness, vocabulary and comprehension

Social & Emotional Development

  • Building trust
  • Forming healthy attachments
  • Developing impulse control
  • Enhancing social interactions

Cognitive Development

  • Understanding cause-and-effect
  • Thinking critically and creatively to solve child-sized problems
  • Skill development in classification, patterns, one-to-one correspondence, order and sequence, and numeration

Physical Development

  • Fine motor and gross motor skill development
  • Balance, coordination, and control

Approaches to Learning

  • Curiosity, persistence, attention, and communication are woven in and throughout all domains.
The Fundations® Pre-K supports students’ emerging understanding of the alphabetic principles of letter-sound associations and alphabetical order, and the written language skill of manuscript letter formation.

The Activity Set provides an introduction, or “pre-dose,” to the letter-sound and writing skills.

The skills taught align with those that the Report of the National Early Literacy Panel (2008) identified as strong and consistent predictors for the later development of literacy skills:

  • Knowledge of the names and sounds associated with printed letters
  • Ability to manipulate the sounds of spoken language
  • Ability to rapidly name letters, numbers, objects, or colors
  • Ability to write isolated letters or one’s name
  • Ability to remember spoken information for a short time


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